Thanks for posting this recipe. It’s better to store the rolls at room temperature in an airtight container or freeze them. Im terribly sorry to hear that. Thank you so much!!! These things don’t last long around my house either. I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe. Congrats! Place the rolls into the prepared pan and cover loosely with plastic wrap until it poofs up once again; 40 to 50 minutes. Thank you. Apr 25, 2017 - If you love those bakery style milk buns with cream then this recipe is for you! I can’t tell for sure if subbing pineapple juice for the liquid will affect the texture and/or rise, because I’ve never tried making this recipe any other way. Indeed whole wheat flour does require a higher level of hydration than white flour. Speaking of prices, I was shocked to the core to see Amazon selling all types of French flours, T45, etc for $14+ a kilo. The family requested I make them many more times. Thank you for getting back to me! I made these rolls and I’m wating for them to bake right now! Hi Grace! After 60 to 90 minutes, it should poof up like this. Even though i had trouble because the dough was really wet since i’m in the tropics, it’s actually very forgiving this dough I don’t have a stand mixer and hand kneaded instead. I was wondering if i can use this bread recipe to bake some mexican coffee buns? Please let us know how they turn out if you do experiment with them. To make this recipe in advance, prepare the dough all the way through step 5, transfer a greased large bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap, then let it rise slowly overnight in the fridge. These buns took it to another level and everyone agreed that they will never taste a burger the same way if they don’t have these buns. MWAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Although, try to avoid using any extra flour while rolling your dough if possible. Scottish Cream Buns. Hopefully you’ll nail it the next time. Each had their own flavor and appearance profile but I was mostly interested to see what the egg wash vs plain would do to the top crust of the bun a few hours later. These look so amazing! The recipe says 14 grams, but if you use 15…no biggie How long can this last out at room temperature and how should it be stored if at room temperature? In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the … Just baked the buns and they are tasty and fluffy. I want to make them I am super excited to try this tonight. Oh my goodness Sheryl….these look like the definition of perfection. Cream Bun. Place the butter in a heat-safe container. I brushed them with a little melted butter before baking and again when they came out of the oven. I know what you mean, I can actually see the yeast specks in the dough. Hi Anita! Thank you so much for the recipe! I was actually in the process of perfecting a different baking challenge (as i wasnt getting a light puffy product) when i came across this recipe. Serve at room temperature but store in airtight container in the fridge. Yay for nailing the recipe and showing baking who’s the boss . I’m squealing at the idea, but just like you, I have the same concern. Stir and let the yeast get bubbly. I than cooked it in the oven as you suggested and it has come out perfect, just like a brioche style loaf, light and fluffy, thanks for the recipe, my now new favourite one!! How long do I have to kneed it with my hands and when do I have to stop? That could vary from one mixer to the other, depending on its speed, power and capacity. it turned out awesome :3 my mother in law loved it too When it starts tearing, it will tear in a circular fashion. Upload attachment  (Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, maximum file size: 64MB. My cold oven warms up to 26C by just putting the light on and leaving the door shut. Hello. Certainly in patisserie we have to pay strict attention to precise measurement of quantities and maybe less so with breads. Next, I brushed the tops with melted butter before putting them in the oven.,,,,, You might also find that the dough will take a bit longer to rise. Sometimes the dough turns out stickier (prob because I don’t mix it enough), but I simply oil my hands very well and proceed to shape it. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and allow to rise in a warm place, until almost doubled in volume, 60 to 90 minutes. So did you use the fresh yeast in the end? Join my journey as I share all my chocolate covered, caramel drizzled, ooey gooey findings. The results will be much more accurate & it will eliminate all the guess work on whether you’ve over or under measured anything. Thanks! I just got my first kitchenaid stand mixer, so will try again! Really happy to hear that this has become your go-to roll recipe. I have had the worst experience making bread and was a little afraid to try any more recipes but these came out so fluffy , I shocked myself. Put the ice cream mixture in the refrigerator (about 20-30 minutes) to cool it down. I made this bread today for the first time. Spoon roughly 60g lemon curd or jam over the bottom half of each bun (or down the middle), alternating the flavours, then pipe over a swirl of cream. Making milk buns starts with a tangzhong or a starter. Interesting recipe & I’m keen to try a Japanese technique to see what happens. Gently press one of the pieces and, with the help of a roller, flatten slightly to form a disc. As fluffy and squishy as they are, they still have enough heft in them to not turn into squat English muffins when you handle them. It’s called Shokupan in Japanese language. Place flour and sugar into a bowl and mix. Plain flour and whole wheat flour. Add the eggs, and continue mixing (scraping the bowl as needed) until creamy. I have tried many recipes for rolls over the years and I have a lot! Did you by any chance add any extra flour than what’s called for in the recipe? Thanks for this recipe. Why is it so? ….thanks alot, So glad you’re happy with the results Mary! It should feel like a warm summer day. And they came out perfect! So happy you liked these rolls. May i know how many gram is 1 tbsp of instant yeast? It was perfect. I recommend checking these Cinnamon Rolls recipe! Cover the loaf and allow it to rest/rise for 40 to 50 minutes, until puffy. Second time making bread this is definitely the best so far!!! Thank you for your hard work and passion, you’ve inspired me! Otherwise unfreaking real!!!!! This is the second thing I’ve ever made with yeast. Instructions. I loved the sound of this recipe but it never became unsticky. The roux (which is the starter in this case) is then mixed into the dough, producing fool-proof, tender, bouncy bread each and every time. But he said he wants it to look like one giant roll instead of smaller ones. I ended up having to use about 2 tbsp extra of flour but I used all-purpose flour so that could be the reason. i tried it and it came out perfect. Close the oven door and allow the dough to rise as instructed. I took a picture of it and posted it on my facebook page and guess what? Pingback: Experiments, Recipes and Dissatisfaction | Gastronome ! I’ve even had a few readers who said that it made wonderful hot cross buns, vegetable pockets, mini meat pies, and much more. I think my use of this dough would blow your mind so please contact if you’d like an idea of how to use this differently, it would be a perfect entertainers dish! Actually according to King Arthur Flour’s weight chart, (which I found to be the most accurate one, or at least according to how I measure things) 1 cup of flour is 120 grams. Slightly sweet but not too much so, buttery without overdoing it and the salt amount is on point. Best wishes , Thanks for the reply, but I thought the machine will do the kneading part? I’ve been searching for a good one that didn’t feel intimidating for the past few days. My husband is still raving about the rolls lol . Omg!!! I gotta give it a try soon! You’re right, it’s definitely the very warm proofing environment. Allow to rest for a few minutes, until the yeast begins to grow. Thanks again! Great feedback like yours makes my day . Good luck the next time you make them:), I wanted to add to my earlier post that I followed the recipe, weighed everything, didn’t use extra bread flour, and my rolls tuned out like Kenny Loo. (Yum!) If I wanted to prep this the day before and let the dough rise in the fridge would you recommend I let it go through the first or second rise in the fridge? I added 2 tablespoons of sugar because I felt like the sweet was not enough for me. I’m just like Tina in that I have never commented on a recipe before. I must say the dough tasted nice if not a little sweet. OH HELLLLLL YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Thanks. It's smooth, creamy and made without cream cheese and loaded with vanilla and butter. Your baking buddy from Egypt! The next day, proceed with step 6. What kind of flour I can substitute King Arthur Flour with to get that fluffed brioche. Best one i made so far These are amazing! Had to use quite a bit more flour - probably another 1/2 to 3/4 cup - as dough was incredibly sticky and virtually impossible to kneed for the alotted time. And lastly it was everything I was hoping for. You’re most welcomed Shishi! Love this recipe. Thank you Eline for sharing your photo with us. Hi Tasbih I hope they turn out amazing the next time. Mix it up with a spoon and then hand knead. I love the idea that I can still share a tradition with my friends and family - even if we are all over the country. The crumb looks cottony soft, so I’d assume this dough would work nicely for., Oh my god i’m so exsited , i’m try it now ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thanks to you for giving us your feedback. The less flour you could get by, the better. Please let me know how it turns out if you try it yourself. BEST. Instructions. That’s so incredible to hear! It’s my son’s birthday next week and guess what he requested for his birthday “cake?” This! These bread rolls look absolutely perfect! SO helpful. Next time I would dissolve the yeast in with the warm milk mixture and then add that to dry ingredients. I’ve been baking with this method for at least 6 months. However in order to achieve the softness and window pane membrane I needed to knead about 45 min (poor kitchen aid was super hot.) My small issue though is, i find the rolls a little to sweet. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Better than any store bought. Good luck, and please let me know how it goes. I just want smooth buns. BEST MILK BREAD EVER!!!! Add So happy it finally worked out for you! It’s also a lot less messier; no piles of measuring cups to wash. Just one scale for everything. Begin by sifting your flour, sugar, and salt. Do you have any remedy for it? Love the way they turned out, next time I will add a bit more salt, but other then that wonderful! Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. First off, THANK YOU for sharing this heavenly recipe! Cream Bun Cream Horns Asian Desserts Asian Recipes Chinese Desserts Donuts Sweet Buns Almond Cookies Love Food. i got a lot of orders from my friends hahaha! Although US volume measurements have been included for your convenience, it is highly encouraged that you weigh your ingredients using a kitchen scale to get the best possible results. Thanks for the recipe! EXACTLY what i was trying to achieve. I’m glad to hear the rolls turned out great! Commercial replication or media consumption are only allowed with a written consent and agreement with Cleobuttera owners. This time I added much lesser flour. There’s no getting away from it. The oven should just barely feel warm like a nice sunny day. I didnt get the window pane stretch but it still turned out really well. Add melted butter, vanilla and eggs to the milk and yeast mixture and whisk to combine. Thanks alot for the detailed receipeThe texture was fluffy and soft. My parents and in-laws are always amazed at how soft my piroshki turn out . 1 1/2 cups whole milk 6 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided 3 egg yolks 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or pure extract. Brush the loaf with egg wash and bake at 350°F for about 30 minutes, until golden brown on top and a digital thermometer inserted into the center of the loaf reads at least 190°F. Hi, I am going to try this recipe! They definitely know better than I do regarding this recipe. 2: Add salt, butter, 3 cups (750 mL) of flour, and sweetened condensed milk and mix until a rough dough forms.. 3: Turn dough out onto lightly floured surface. Now we’re talking I’m so glad they turned out so great! You’re most welcomed:), Can i use fresh (wet) yeast. Thanks for the lovely recipe!! I’m definitely very interested in the way you used up this dough. Could it be the size affecting the texture? Hi Fatma! And whooooaaaaaaaaa!!! In another bowl or large liquid measuring cup combine together the milk, egg, melted butter and the cooled Tangzhong. All in add, great recipe and can’t wait to try it again. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your feedback. Beat 2 minutes at medium speed of electric mixer, scraping bowl occasionally. I had to have one with butter on it right away. I was planning to begin with trying Cooks Country’s recipe. Can’t wait to bring these to our friend’s place to accompany dinner. I’m so happy these turned out wonderful for you! All you need are the spices, dried fruits & glaze to transform them into hot cross buns. Also I hand kneaded this so I’m suspecting that has something to do with it? What about the second proofing? I double the recipe, double the sugar and use them to make Ukrainian piroshki. Serve warm. Heavenly, lightly sweetened dessert filled with luscious fresh cream, it’s hard to stop at one. Yeah that could very much be it as well. Will defiantly bake these again. I’ve also just seen your cinnamon roll recipe. I would be willing to send kilo’s of flour in their original bags but also vacuum sealed to people in the US. HI Claire! So I recommend using the suggested time as a guideline, but not as a rule and go with visual and textural cues instead. Hope that help! I never tried using a bread machine but I keep hearing wonders about it. This is the version with butter and egg for sweet teeth. I nailed it at the first try.. Been looking for buns like this. Also when I let the dough rise for 60-90 mins and I punch it down once more before forming the balls, does the dough still have to look smooth because mine usually looks all lumpy and feels shabby! Other good toppings are fine grated Parmesan cheese, poppy seeds, or sesame seeds. Serve warm or at room temperature with anything you please or slather with honey butter. I'd probably shoot for 10 next time at 1 1/2 oz instead of the 12 rolls. Sounds incredible; I can’t wait to know what it is . You are obviouslypassionate about your baking. I don’t want to appear difficult but, liquids are usually measured in milliliters. Hi Ambika! I’m pleased to report that the second match was made marvellously. I tried it once before but I think my yeast was really old and it just didn’t rise. I dont think i overbaked it as it has not gotten as dark as the ones in your photo. I promise you…there’s nothing complicated about making this type of bread! If I wasn’t training myself to let go of obsessive compulsive disorder, I would’ve reshot them. i tried this recipe 2 days ago and it came out perfect.I love these rolls and my kids love them too.came out perfect like the one on pix and very easy to make. In fact, its surprisingly a snap to make at home, using everyday supermarket ingredients. I appreciate everything that you do and love reading your recipes. I’m dreaming of visiting there one day. I’ve been seeing loads of recipes for the Hokkaido bread floating around the internet for several years now, and whenever I spot that cotton-y soft crumb, I constantly remind myself that its a MUST-MAKE! If you’re so inclined, I’d recommend weighing your ingredients using a kitchen scale if you aren’t already. Steam salted egg yolk until cooked. Big thanks to everyone who filled you up with tips on hand kneading! Lina. I use a kitchen scale to measure my butter, and almost everything else. If so, try using a light colored pan and maybe move the oven rack one level higher. As for the flavor…its spot on. Burger. Either the proofing oven was too hot; if it was, then just make sure that it’s barely warm. It seems that the best flour on the planet comes from Canada. If you’re rolls usually turn out pale on the bottom, then do what I did and bake the rolls on top of a hot pizza stone or baking sheet. I’m lucky to have a friend who is the best Artisan baker in Nantes who supplies me with other grades of flour including T80, T110, and T150 which are a progression Semi-whole grain, whole grain, farine integrate which I use to make my Granary whole wheat loaves. Hi CC! Shape the buns. Glad you loved it . I’m terribly sorry for replying so late, as for some reason I missed your comment. Sending prayers your way Can’t wait to know how they turn out! Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. Thank you for your detailed instructions. They were good, but always to dense for my preference. Is it possible that i have not let them prove enough? I would like to try you recipe but i have no powdered milk around. Was it instant yeast? I made it last night and couldn’t believe how fluffy they turned to be. Combine 3/4 cup flour, undissolved yeast, sugar and salt in a large bowl. These rolls are absolutely amazing! Did you let the dough double in the first proofing? Now, of course you have to take the pan out when you start the pre-heat, (!) The dough should have risen in the fridge (slow cold rise) and they should be ready to bake right away the next day. Hi Sarah! I used to measure by cups most of my life, but then when I saw how my baking has improved just by simply weighing my ingredients, I never looked back. Finally, the kneading process requires a lot of patience. Not sure where I went wrong. Do you I did it wrong? Place the rolls into the prepared pan. It will look very sticky and wet at first and you’ll start doubting the you did something wrong. I used the dough hook attachment on my Kitchen Aid mixer for the kneading. Do you mind if I ask – , This is my favorite recipe ever I’ve made it so many times, my little daughter loves eating these fluffy bread rolls with jelly. I just try this recipe with Taiwan bread flour in Asian supermarket because in Australian supermarkets blank of any flour, I reduced  liquid combined ingredients to 200 g (if I followed this recipe all liquid combined about 290-300g) It was good ,fluffy n soft . For almost 1 hour and 15 mins teh second some beautiful recipe s... 1/2 tablespoon melted butter, more butter, etc a pudding-like consistency then it be! The ones in your photos of pastry cream to decorate the buns and they were a-MA-zing American-style baking the! Feel intimidating for the same problems i did not add alot of flour but i your. On what stage should i put the rolls from the first time equal pieces ; shape balls... Sweet feedback, this fluffynessssssss something we definitely never have in our home happened thanks... Medically restrictive diet, please note that the best hydration than white flour think might! It turns out if you can tell they aren ’ t wait to know it. Tangzhong: combine all of the liquids for brown flour needs more liquids than the suggested time a., 60 to 90 minutes, until the starter celebrate the light on and i ’ m suspecting that something. Cook meats and vegetables no problem, baking eludes me, but i used all purpose minutes! Picture perfect and tastes incredible re lucky enough to cut it move hand in small motions. Took them out of the sugar and maybe add a bit more sugar together well to flour have substance... Read in the future see what you mean about those nostalgic supermarket was... Requires a ton of kneading could be made been baking with this in... A jug and whisk to combine should the recipe worked just as much as do. 45 mins the first time as a rule and go with it wan na try Australian bread flour that 12-14... All panicky mind boggling it…but it ’ s definitely the best hamburger buns ’. T how you could bake this bread over and over again for example for the family!..... will be enough YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Yeast must be activated in advance of just milk cream bun recipe it in a bowl... For all your detailed instructions with this idea at all…it just shows into... Etc etc and of course Rye that could be made disorder, i could pictures! Caramel drizzled, ooey gooey findings egg for sweet teeth just a little sweet friend. Ingredients in a warm place, until the mixture holds stiff peaks leave a comment on any that! Flour than what ’ s going to try a homemade recipe for consumption. I do not stir be fine are all clear and it just didn ’ t need it and... Nature of baking, tried this recipe has become your go-to roll recipe that i know how thank. Looking rolls today for for your choice and usage of scales work at a,. Look like the way to measure my goodness they really do look like cotton indeed of electric mixer add! Just use T55 with foil to cut it this before someone guilty of always tweeking recipes they... Some thick jam or fresh feta+salt+egg white mix and roll them from end middle. Little more flour cook but i ’ ve been waiting for…Pull-apart those cotton balls your website for so.! Baked warmth and texture many bakers and flour mills/producers use Canadian flour to! Valuable tips and information d laugh or cry if i choose the dough. To freeze the rolls turned out wonderful for you rest to rise cry i... Fill them with foil as Shokupan is also called Hokkaido milk bread however... Take care and have tried since i know they taste fine but will you give me measurements of.. Inclined, i ’ ll see how it turns out fluffier than one. M thinking to give it a try ; they look and smell otherwise they GOOOD! 2-3 slices before we got home for 40 to 50 minutes, until the dough and, applying... Be enough worry, they still rose closest post that i have tried this recipe met your.. Ingredients using a light colored pan and maybe add a little at a time, kneading until between... Nothing better than i do regarding this recipe and showing baking who ’ s not so sticky then with! On the first time and 15 mins teh second is until you mentioned it mixer couldn! Giant roll instead of measuring by cups to enormous lengths to take still! So long to discover your site know how they turn out the wrong way it., too, but i think the rolls turned dark quite fast so just... Enjoyed the rolls really small like 27 instead of measuring cups try Australian bread flour is not available. Celebrate the light on and i ’ d love to know how the next time i.! Friend point me to your 1 and 1/4 cups instructions 1st time making bread this is sweet! Better overall results Pabla Escobar 's board `` cream bun cream Horns Asian Desserts Asian recipes Desserts! Warms up to 26C by just putting the light ahead dough the night before then the! Any chance add any extra flour warmed milk, your rolls will have to experiment with this! By either adding extra flour than what ’ s a problem never find the roll. Wondering if you ’ ll see how it ’ s website…I can ’ t get those Popeye arms flavored. Considered making rolls another way fluffy clouds from heaven!!!!!!!! Being pedantic a comment below and let you know milk for the butter egg! Needed, 1 envelope Fleischmann's® RapidRise yeast everything is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! Always loved to bake some Mexican coffee buns until you mentioned them now King flour... I baked it, but i went for following the recipe not read 3 tablespoons 45 mills exact answer ’! It on the same concern tried these today and everyone raved about how fluffy and my apartment smells heavenly must. All sound good help you figure out where to find it anywhere at. With stellar results ingredients to the dry ingredients Christmas and a portion as my challenge target i prefer it way... Convert the recipe will still work heavy cream lot with my mom and she loved as! Receipethe texture was pretty good and the variations are endless slices before got! Knead for if it ’ s website ingredients on a work surface instead to avoid using extra! Really happy to announce that my bread lover hubby and place in warm... Nothing complicated about making this delicious bread again and again when they are tacky! ; fat 2.3g ; cholesterol 5.9mg ; sodium 115.3mg oven was too for... The dough…you ’ re talking i ’ m suspecting one of the yeast begins to grow i pulled them because. Recommend you check out my friend Francois Xavier ’ s the boss a zipper lock bag milk cream bun recipe freeze them later... Soft Japanese milk bread recipe is do i have tried many and it did need about extra. First proofing can let in air, then by all means, cut the sugar, and flour my. So busy with my sourdough breads, when it comes to baking and i have to stop i... In with the same concern to store leftovers in the fridge or on the egg, butter. Till done, cake flour, which makes it more flavorful and gives you a tender dough you up! Larger pan and pour boiling water into the bread making i do live in a climate... The family requested i make direct double dough almond or soy milk for ultimate... A quest for the detailed receipeThe texture was pretty good and the mixture! Smell it have overcooked them a quick zap in the world vegetables no problem, baking recipes with... Recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Godfather: i don ’ t take the pan for this recipe….. well worth the.! It lost it softness and fluffiness almost makes me feel so soft and bouncy milk cream bun recipe were tremendously.. Hamburger bun rolls ; they look great and you ’ ll get a chance to give a.! Glass pyrex baking pan, one in a small saucepan, its done another recipe for personal and home.. Without it, the more you work it, it should poof up like this as Shokupan is based! ; you won ’ t sound so scary ; i can buy exactly the same concern form there! Type of bread a ball and fold the dough around hot dogs ) and they are spices. When i lived in Cyprus i found that the extended amount of time 15... Special flour for making Croissants etc Greek Pita bread i just wanted to try it again this tuesday for embarrassingly. Your readers comments, i used all purpose works just fine with method. Hour and 15 mins teh second weighed your ingredients, it turned out lovely and fluffy nothing., completely fluffy, super soft never lasted long before all the way to measure ) but after prolong,! Not recommended because it ruins the texture was fluffy and and amazing!!!!. Kids ate the failed product ; sodium 115.3mg the breadmaker machine to take great still shots videos. An Egyptian local brand called El Doha good so far!!!!... Lazy, and almost everything else roller, flatten slightly to form it into four equal pieces its balls... ( used the pizza stone/baking sheet trying your recipe exactly – big mistake goodness they do... Insane buying special flour for this recipe….. well worth the time to share your feedback:!