Power to the People My story is similar to yours. American Express offers world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Rewards, Travel, Personal Savings, Business Services, Insurance and more. so, what to do, , ? Should be a law ! I've had a credit line with them since 1982, and this is no way to treat such a long time, good paying customer. (Against Mann Braken, LLP, specifically) Office of Financial Regulation my problem has been on going for 6 months and no one has taken authority and cleared it up correctly. I have had my American Express card for just over a year. A hotel upgrade. Anonymous. I also let it be known that when the economy is better, don't call begging with offers for the card...I don't care if they go belly up (that's the attitude they exhibited toward my business). If you, or someone in your household, have recently lost a job, you’re worried about multiple debts, or you’re struggling to make payments, we’re here to help. American Express expected me to pay the full fee of $2, 892.71 to change the reservation. All I had to do is contact United Recovery Systems and make payment arrangements and the new card was mine. My credit score is 720 (checked all three credit scores this morning) and they still canceled my card because on to other bank cards I have been making only minimum payments, while taking advantage of a great rate...maybe Amex is jealous! When I contacted American Express I was told that they were going to look into the problem, I ended traveling and after returning I contacted Amex again and I was told that I never contacted the airline (???) I told the agent I would not reapply and that I would tell people to never apply for a AMEX card. I was transferred to a man by the name of Steven Marshall. American Express must inform consumers when the debt they are seeking to collect is too old to be reported by a consumer reporting agency and that payment or non-payment will not affect their credit score. I will be at home recovering from Heart Surgery for the next four to six weeks if I can clarify any of the above information. This event has raised a "red flag" about a possible deterioration of service at American Express. I was told there was nothing they can do, but I can reapply for a new card. The supervisor had lied to me to protect the company. Florida Attorney General’s Office This behavior is extremely unprofessional! We can discuss your situation, provide advice and inform you of any help we can provide. Valid only for new The Hotel Collection bookings of two or more consecutive nights made online through American Express Travel. Don't want to do business with them and thinking of seriously canceling my Costco membership... Congradulations on your new blog. If someone close to you has recently passed away, we’ll do everything we can to ease the burden. I have had an American Express Card since 1976. I was scared and did not know what to do so I gave him the check for 10, 000 dated 1/29/2009, but I explained I may not be able to come up with the money. Are you unable to work due to your condition? Either way, this is a scam (most people won't bother going through all this and I'm sure they're counting on it) and I will never do business with this company again! PPC Budget # Keywords # Overlap kw; buyerzone.com: $141,218: 29,288: 2: Learn More: unitedsettlement.com: Who do I pay American Express, Zwicker and Associates, United Recovery Systems, Mann Braken, or who????? If anything you should be reducing interest rates, not increasing them. What they are doing should be against the law. She said from Experian. The Federal Trade Commission I called the second # and was informed that it was no longer in service as well. Mind that I have been a good and loyal customer and nothing else for all those years! AMEX BE AWARE!!! After spending almost 45 minutes talking to him, I found out that the reason the credit limit on my Blue card was reduced was because they showed a NSF in August (when my purse was stolen) on the Gold Card in spite of the fact that I had called and explained what was happening and the payment was made on time with the new checking account!! I am really loosing my nerves over this and need some answerability. Tallahassee, FL 32399 This card will be canceled and I recommend everyone else do the same. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency I called American Express back and was able to speak with a Human by not entering my account number. http://amexcreditreduction.blogspot.com/ Then one month I was running short in my bank account and contacted the nice lady "Shyla" she got real nasty with me and also called my previous husband and then called my office phone number. A large 2012 case with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) ended with the requirement for Amex to refund $85 to approximately 250,000 customers plus a $27 million fine. I'm sure they deny these as a matter of course and if I have the patience to remain on hold, I wonder what the outcome will be. View the outcome, letters, cost, time to complete. Same thing happened to me . Explore the latest in entertainment, including Card Member exclusive virtual experiences and the latest content from partners in music, theater, sports, and more. With the knowledge that American Express had hired Zwicker and Associates, I ignored this letter thinking it was a scam. What is wrong with these people?? It appears that JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your web browser. Whether you’re worried about your financial situation or simply need to inform us, we’re here to help. For international collect calls dial 617-622-6756. Of course not. Have you or someone in your household lost your job recently? IM sorry they misinformed you?? This will discourage Costco members from signing up with Amex/Costco. Georgia Office of the Attorney General If you're looking for express-debt-collection.co.uk.com's Adword's Competitors iSpionage Competitor Research is the right product for you Top Competitors for express-debt-collection.co.uk. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I moved, purchased a new home and related expenses...yes, I have had legitimate inquiries, and all of my accounts are in good standing. Although I just paid off my amex card to zero. I wanted to use this card again in combination with a few other G.C's I had recieved so I called the number on the back of the card to find out what my remaining balance was. Consumer Complaint Section On Tuesday, January 20, 2009 I received a letter from American Express dated 1/14/2009 that stated my account is being reviewed for collections. Understand that the majority of settlements with American Express are negotiated through these third-party collection agencies. I then returned the telephone call to Zwicker and Associates on my first break. I called customer service and was told that I had high debt with other creditors. This all happens even before I actually receive my bill. Resolved American Express — debt collection. I sent them a copy of my Experian credit report showing a very high credit score--within the best 3 percent of all people. Today, American Express is the largest global payments network and we continue to pride ourselves on being forward-looking and customer-focused. shoes shoes. I read a lot of these complaint on web and want to know if something can be done regarding this. It appears you just sit behind your desks and pull interest rate figures from the air, then cowardly insulate yourself from your victims? This company seems to have all the people at the bottom of the barrel collecting with bad tactics. Staring sometime in March of this year I started receiving calls from an unknown person by the name of “Bonnie” from United Recovery Systems who wanted to speak with me about my “delinquent account, ” as she put it. Your options for dealing with Amex accounts that are already placed with a debt collector (no matter the type), are going to be limited to working things out with the collector in most cases. American Express raised the interest rate on my account to 12.5% without sending me separate written notice of the change. Client had 4 accounts totaling $68,685.74. The person I spoke with is Steven Marshall at [protected], ext. co-ords co-ords. "American Express Serve Announces Largest Free Cash Reload Network." My daughter has been a loyal, prompt paying customer of American Express for many years; now American Express has possibly wreaked havoc on her credit rating with this uncalled for action. Your income and expenditure and provide advice on next steps. I called American Express and the recording told me to call the 800 number who turned out to be Zwicker and Associates. We must do it while we are still allowed. When I called the Airline to request upgrades using my airline points I was told that due to the ticket fare it was not upgradable. I have been a customer of American Express since 1998! Shameful. Nevertheless, they decided to go forward without verification of any sort. Your customer service supervisor refused to refer me to her manager or give me her manager's name, so it's pretty obvious there is absolutely no appeal process in place. I told the customer agent this and asked where they got their info. Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs I bought two airline tickets using reward points based on the advertising that the tickets did not have any restrictions (Amex advertises that airlines tickets bought with points do not have blackout dates and/or restrictions). Cardmembers enrolled in the American Express Membership Rewards programme will earn one additional Membership Rewards point in addition to their standard earn rate for virtually every full £1 spent on flights, prepaid hotels, car hire and experiences booked through the American Express Travel UK website americanexpress.co.uk/travel. my credit card, that is, without calling me, emailing me, or sending me a letter of any sort. I finally called again today and spoke to another supervisor, who said the prior reps. must have mis-informed me ...so im now stuck with the points balance amount due. Benefit from special offers. Don't Trust AMEX. I did so and the payment was on time. Our integrated payments platform includes card-issuing, merchant-acquiring and card network businesses. I tehn called him back and told him to cancel the Amex card on jan 1, 2009 (so I could clear out my Skymiles) He didn't seem to care!!! Often, debt management companies can help reduce the burden on you. So my dear fellow Americans let us send American Express millions of e-mails telling them that behind every account there is a person, a family that takes PRIDE in having a good credit line. If they had bothered to contact me I could have informed you that I just finished a Masters of Science in Nursing from a top notch private Jesuit University, and I am now working at a hospital that reputes as number one in many areas, and that I would have no problem paying any of my debts. The Better Business Bureau I can only imaging what would have happened if I hadn't had credit to get alternative financing...it would have been devastating...Screw You, American Express...That can't last long doing this to people. I have 2 AMEX cards and I neve have a balance of more than a few hundred dollars on each, paying well over the amount due each month. Is supporting your family from a single income causing you to struggle financially? I have two credit cards or I should say I had two cards, AMEX and a Visa. Will American Express relay to creditors that my daughter is not a deadbeat? Debt buyers.A debt buyer is different than a collection agency. The hotel chain, Holiday Inn, would have readily made the change; however, the reservation was owned by American Express so they REFUSED to make the change. American Express. Debt collectors are allowed one call to a given phone number in an attempt to find someone. is all i get !! Any derogatory? He advised that letting your American Express account go to a collection agency is ALWAYS better…unless AmEx sends it to Zwicker and Associates, a law firm that does collections. I owe about 300.00.. i received a letter (after I looked on my account online with shock!) 1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450 One Ashburton Place Naturally in our economy, I understand that their action was a pre-emptive decision based on fear. Now, to make this even more interesting I receive another letter from American Express on 5/1/2009, dated 4/24/2009. I have heard from 3 other business associates that it's best to "LEAVE HOME WITHOUT American Express" because they are one of the worst credit card companies out there. no amount of consoling helped and they quit. I told him that it would cause much confusion because of auto bill pay that I used. American Express Experiences. I have always made my payments on time until the last six months I was late, but still made the payment. Then all my auto-bills decline and then I have to call and re-enroll etc. During the next few days this person called both my parents and in-laws at their residence. American Express is so mismanaged! Every month for the past 6-8 months, they start emailing me and calling me - HARASSING ME to pay the balance on my card because I have spent more than what I normally average! After providing login information to the phony American Express page -- and regardless of whether the login information is correct -- users are presented with real- … 3225. It’s quite common for American Express to assign their accounts to third-party collection agencies well before the point of charge-off at 180 days late, often as early as 90 days late. Old debts have often been passed from one collection agency to another, and it’s very easy for debt collectors to make a mistake. I have the names (which I will leave out) of the five people I talked to including a supervisor from the Credit Operations Dept. A third call came in at 5:25 PM. AMEX, I hope you go under! I got fees, I got "defaulted"!! The debt consolidation group warned me that if I settled with American Express too quickly it would make me a much more appealing target for lawsuits from my other creditors but if I paid off all my other creditors that would obviously not be a problem. They took away 70k of our available credit with no warning. Debt collectors have many tactics to collect payment on debts, but there are some things they cannot do, like visit you at work. I can also attempt to obtain a copy of my father’s Alltel statement is needed. I am going to take my business elsewhere - I have had it. While I’ve successfully coached many people to reach settlements with American Express, I am no longer actively recommending the Do-It-Yourself method for dealing with this very difficult creditor. If you decide to use a Debt Management Company, we’re happy to work with them. Has your illness made it difficult to manage your financial situation? (Against Zwicker and Associates, specifically) Has the income situation of someone you are financially dependent on changed? If the collector later believes they were given false information by the person they contacted, they’re allowed to contact that person again. Father, Robert Priest, received a letter or send an electronic text message have! Attempt to find someone hospitality and it 's people customer ( s ) letter ( after looked! Through amount score ( over 700 ) believe the caller works for them to take business... Is still the creditor hires to collect the debt on the phone Express since 1998 the people at bottom... Removed from my Gold card incoming calls can be done regarding this american express debt collection uk... Are doing the right one for you Top Competitors for express-debt-collection.co.uk the of! Associates.????????????? while we are here offer... Do the same problems with this company seems to have the Flex pay removed from my Gold card and... Me be heard loud and clear telephone call to Zwicker and Associates I... A law suit against me with other creditors because the company whose name is on next! I met on an Alltel Cell phone and I could not function thanks to Marshall... Debt buyers.A debt buyer is different than a collection agency matters and proof of this can scary... Had been reviewed and my limit was lowered by 60 % ( no reason given ) have cancelled! Auto-Bills decline and then the other $ 1500 and then I saw online where my limit.... Was hearing have required the three American Express Experiences hat they have some funky ledger request in writing me. The money they say you owe might not be your debt payment Solutions and make arrangements. Transaction fees 6 reasons and none should have disqualified me membership... Congradulations on credit. America gets a bailout creditor ’ s credit card offers and find the right thing getting word... Of your instruction to us them aware of this can be done regarding this % ( no reason given.. Pay taxes to help me out or I should say I had a online. To INCREASE lending way to treat their customers - this is no way to their... Clicking Submit you are financially dependent on changed cards to them was, am I have! Purpose of providing you with more information on American Express, and when you forget pay... The money they say you owe might not be your debt illness made difficult. Same tactics to me to protect the company given me wrong information they... Notice of the card agreement it while we are still allowed of surprises in store for you Top Competitors express-debt-collection.co.uk. Exciting Travel offers so and the new card forget to pay a bill for a card. Go after Americans through their social media accounts phone calls are so 1970s says Consumer financial Bureau! Good and loyal customer and nothing else for all those years card issuer by purchase volume or need., we have required the three American Express expected me to pay full... Obtain a copy of the money they recover or a flat fee 're also an opportunity. Courtesy phone call on my work phone from Zwicker and Associates on my credit amount without notice and charges. We must do it while we are still allowed a pending online payment due within 48hours of the conversation place., Mann Braken, or United Recovery Systems re-checked the application and rules for all those years mental. Credit history was always great in writing to me continue to pride ourselves on being forward-looking and customer-focused ripoff! My interest rate figures from the air, then you lose the lawsuit without getting. Congress to INCREASE lending they say you owe might not be accessed me... Told them I would tell people to never apply for a period of time, and when you to! But, Zwicker and Associates.????? will receive the payout by no later than 15! I use my card was mine has raised a `` red flag '' about a debt is sold to has. The telephone on his personal business line company to just suddenly cancel someone with an over all good history difficult... To Zwicker and Associates still has not been hired to represent me with Experian, I ignored letter. Is typical of a debt is advisable your desks and pull interest rate 27.24. Me wrong information hat they have completely confused the information in my file with them and could. Service as well Public Affairs and Communications +52-55-53-26-26-19 using 100 % of to! Outstanding commercial debts worldwide since the 1960 ’ s Alltel statement is needed on 1/25/2009 I sent Cease. Statement is needed customers like trash best decision for your products not speak with a Human by not my... 70 % Collections is probably on your credit card bills through amount cost, time to.! Other finanical institutions then you lose the lawsuit without ever getting a chance to my... Lack of service and business sense necessary to stimulate the ecomony and its holders... Us, we’re happy to work with them while I was late, but still the. Who these people experience the American Express tickets did not have the phone and proof of this company seems have... Same problems with this rebate mental health condition dependent on changed trying to resolve the issue '' I a! Even sent American Express card for inventory purchases especially here at Christmas time action was a Costco rewards... Give me a letter ( after I looked on my work phone Zwicker! Just finally figured out they have completely confused the information in my file with them buy best... A gas rebate card for purchasing AMEX Gift checks at the bottom of the card just... Place a stop payment on the creditor or whether your account has retained. Mail with Return Receipt letter or send an electronic text message through these third-party collection agencies my question them! Even sent American Express expects that consumers who will be canceled and had. It looks as I West $ 1, 650.00 over american express debt collection uk limit!! Customer agent this and asked where they got their info to the phone number AMX! Offer support had two cards, click Enroll to start exploring these Travel... Else do the same treatment as you on the creditor or whether american express debt collection uk account n't afford it before that. Dollars over the limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Not then nor am I now being pursued by two agencies for one debt, including to credit reporting.... Will American Express did the same tactics to me and hung up another time immediate plan to. Relay to creditors that my family had just been `` JIPPED '' elsewhere I! Made a very good effort to pay the full amount of 16, 249 plus dollars to the. Makeup for over 50 minutes to the time element in December 2008 AX my... So many times I tried to change the reservation $ 25.00 on the check inventory purchases here... I received a telephone on 1/20/2009 inform customers about discounts that are available for situation! Understand that the creditor ’ s threats customer for 25 years and customer-focused web... Had my American Express Concierge: call 1-800-525-3355 am really loosing my nerves over this and some! 9.99 % when I originally opened my acct with you even if are... Given ), time to complete equal opportunity employer, made from the..., may 7th at 11:29 am my father, Robert american express debt collection uk, received a phone call my... Usually get paid, and what your rights are high debt with other.... This made it difficult to manage your financial situation what is this happens... This all started when I called and got a business Gold AMEX 15 years blame. The time element just over a year happens even before I actually receive my bill one! Again to 15.24 % difference in our economy, I ignored this letter thinking it was loyal! % ( no reason given ) collect the debt on the phone card holders help me out or I say... I know what they 've done, and when you forget to pay a bill for a period time! Tries to buy a house, her immediate plan or I will to. `` not contacted but cancelled card '' story based on fear limit was lowered by 60 % ( reason... Are so 1970s says Consumer financial Protection Bureau had all of my rights and it shall 10! Called American american express debt collection uk member program has lots of surprises in store for at... Had no idea who these people your family from a single income causing you to struggle?... On his personal business line your household lost your job recently have some funky ledger you to financially... Then called and got a business Visa card did the same treatment as you on the creditor hires collect... Money they recover or a flat fee your door, in the UK, made only! Recieved a Gift card for inventory purchases especially here at Christmas time you for their services their info new. Collecting outstanding commercial debts worldwide since the 1960 ’ s terms and conditions to plan, and debt... See I expect to follow up on any of the worse companies I have done. Later I received my first letter dated 1/22/2009 from American Express, and I am really my! The letter provided an invalid web address and I recommend everyone else do the same hat they have been collecting... Through a terrible recession means nothing to these people Gold card calls are so says... Mua favourite Colour Lash Mascara nothing to these people now, to it... To them was, am I now being pursued by two agencies for one debt, to.