They embrace, not caring about Merlin and Gaius being there, and happily walk back to the castle together. Her love for that creature made her suffer more than she ever thought possible. Aithusa saved Morgana's life after she was wounded while escaping from Camelot )The Sword in the Stone). As per her plan, she defeated him and spared his life after extracting a promise that he would accept a different challenge from her. Although Arthur undoubtedly loved and cared for Morgana, she recognised that his position would be one of severe conflict due to his inherited suspicion of magic and therefore could not seek his help. Morgana is a feminine variant of the name Morgan (Welsh, Old English). Though she suspected his having a hand in many of her foiled plans, she first met him face to face when she caught him going through her possessions. On horseback, she catches up with Arthur but is ultimately foiled again by Merlin and the knights who accompany Arthur. Presumably before she was married, she became pregnant with a baby girl. In the first series episode "Lancelot", he travelled to Camelot in the hope of becoming a knight of Camelot. After killing the son of a sorceress out of self-defense, Freya was cursed to become a magical monster that resembled a large panther with bat-like wings on the stroke of midnight, with an insatiable desire to kill that she would be unable to control. However, Morgana proves to be both beautiful and capable; she is also fiery and independent and will not hesitate to stand up to Uther, despite his being her guardian. Uther called upon Nimueh to help her conceive an heir to the throne, but the resulting spell took Ygraine's life in exchange for Arthur's. Anhora took that opportunity to kidnap Merlin, making the warlock part of Arthur's final test. With the knowledge that Emrys is Merlin, Morgana uses a powerful creature of the Old Religion to drain Merlin's power, rendering her arch nemesis from his magic. in great rage against Camelot, feeling betrayed by Arthur and Merlin. Uther knew he was her father, but did not tell anybody this secret for at least 20 years. Although she displayed no affection towards Agravaine, he was shown to care deeply about her, exhibiting deep concern upon finding her unconscious in the forest after her duel with Merlin (disguised as the aged sorcerer Emrys) and tending to her in her vulnerable state (The Secret Sharer). Soon after this, Arthur came to remember just how much he cared for and relied on Merlin when the other man was captured by bandits in "A Servant of Two Masters". When Queen Annis declares war on Camelot after Arthur kills her husband, Morgana preys on Annis' grief and forms an alliance with Annis against Arthur and Camelot. Merlin and Arthur locate the last Dragonlord Balinor, who is in fact Merlin's father. As the King's ward, Morgana's birthday celebration is a lavish event, attended by many noble families of Camelot. Shortly thereafter, Morgause and her army captured Camelot and Uther. As she is unsympathetic and irritated by him when he fails in his first attempt, Agravaine therefore kills a boy and enacts a complex scheme to get hold of the plans, of which Morgana then makes a magical copy. A year passes by in Camelot with Uther sending his men to scour the kingdom in search of Morgana, costing an ever-increasing number of lives as the soldiers are slaughtered by unseen forces, but Uther refuses to give up or see reason. Morgana begins a reign of darkness over Camelot, having citizens killed in the courtyard when they refuse to declare their allegiance to their new queen. Alator and his follower then kidnapped Gaius and proceeded to torture him for information about Emrys. When Prince Arthur came to defend Merlin's home village from raiders, Will initially accused Arthur of using the villagers as cannon fodder; however, Will eventually saw that Arthur was not afraid to risk his own life in battle. Throughout the fourth season, Agravaine influenced Arthur heavily in matters of state, even encouraging the young king to go against his own instincts and wishes, such as killing the king of another kingdom who had been raiding inside Camelot's borders and distancing himself from Gwen in the episode, "His Father's Son". Morgause is badly injured at the hands of Merlin and Gaius, and Morgana violently lashes out, teleporting them away. Knowing that it would be impossible to convince Arthur to work to restore magic to Camelot if magic was used to kill his father, Merlin subtly aided Uther in the fight against Gilli by arranging for Gilli's sword to be stuck in Uther's shield, allowing Uther to prevail. When Gwaine protests her harsh treatment of them and beseeches her to show mercy to the aged Gaius, she agrees to give them food only if Gwaine is prepared to fight for it. In response, Morgana uses a creature to drain Merlin's magic. In a deleted scene Agravaine mentioned that he had professed his love to Morgana, to which she seemed disgusted by. She with a group of many men, including Beroun captured Alator of the Catha, who had betrayed her last time to demand to know where and who Emrys is. Arthur and Merlin were then forced to watch as Morgause stripped Uther of his crown and throne and as Morgana declared herself Uther's daughter and Queen of Camelot. Gaius also has a valued place in Uther's council, being one of the few people who dares to speak out against Uther's actions on crucial occasions, although Uther's prejudice against magic commonly blinds him to Gaius's good advice. As Arthur left, Morgana notices a nervous Merlin at the door and calls him inside, telling him she knows he poisoned her, and in response, he swears he did not want to, to which she smiles faintly and informs him she understands why he does it. I don't want to be alone anymore. Morgana believes that Arthur is the only obstacle standing in the way of the Old Religion being respected once more. He is also a creature of the Old Religion. He ran with them, carrying a sword. Aredian then proceeded with an intense interrogation, and then blackmailed Gaius into giving a false confession of sorcery, stating that if he did so, he would not accuse Merlin and Morgana before the king. A year has passed since Morgana fell from power and lost her crown. For some time, Morgana keeps her influence over Camelot low and spends her time secretly joining forces with Helios, a ruthless warlord to take over Camelot. However, Myror deduced that Arthur had returned to Camelot, and soon tracked him to Gwen's house, where Arthur was staying. In season 2, Morgana's prophetic nightmares continue and other strange events happen around her, that she can't explain and greatly fears. When Merlin finds out Morgana also has magic, he fights the temptation to tell her of his powers. Morgause attacks Merlin but Gaius intervenes and Merlin attacks her with magic, causing her to slam into a stone column and allowing Merlin to empty the cup to destroy the army. (The wearer of the scabbard would lose no blood, thanks to its magic, no matter how seriously he was wounded.) Morgana intended for Gwen to be banished, knowing Arthur would choose exile to be with her, but Uther ordered Gwen to be executed instead. Morgana later becomes deeply attached to Mordred, a young druid boy whose life Merlin saved, risking Uther's wrath should their actions be discovered (The Beginning of the End). Though many people of the court encouraged Arthur to put her to death, Arthur instead banished Gwen from Camelot and confided to Merlin that although he still loved her, he could never trust her again. Also known as: When Morgana employed a wizard called Alator to find out who Emrys is Gaius was kidnapped by Alator to reveal the real secret about Merlin. Arthur entrusted the mission to Elyan to lead a search party for them. Leon is discovered by a party of druids, who find that he is close to death and revive him with water from the cup of life. In the second season, Arthur's relationships with Merlin and Morgana's maidservant, Guinevere, deepen. Tauren then attacked Uther and was fatally wounded by Morgana. Morgana has Gaius and Gawain imprisoned and leads a manhunt in pursuit of a fleeing Arthur, however he manages to evade her. Arthur tries to remind Morgana of her true self. On more than one occasion in "The Hunter's Heart", he even threatened to send Merlin to join Gwen in exile. Morgana's eyes glow golden for the first time, suggesting she has magic, Morgana's magic eventually begins to reveal itself. and the. Knowing that Godwyn would seek to improve his kingdom's ties with Camelot through a marriage between Elena and Arthur, the Sidhe King intended that the Sidhe within Elena would awaken after her marriage, placing a Sidhe on Camelot's throne. He and Merlin fought fiercely together, and Lancelot was eventually wounded in the chamber that housed the Cup. Arthur also spent part of the third season being targeted for assassination at Morgana's hands. But most importantly, it will bring our enemies to their knees. There'll be no celebration until I take my place upon the throne. In the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, however Arthur then stabs him dead. Olaf challenges Arthur to a fight to the death when he and Uther discover Arthur and Vivian kissing. Morgana uses a magical weapon which sucks his magic, rendering him useless to protect Arthur. Ewan (portrayed by Keith Thorne) was a knight of Camelot. Each time she would desperately try to save him and prevent her prophecies from being realised, on one occasion running to plead with him in front of the assembled knights when she knew he would not return safely from a quest. However, over the course of the first season, Arthur began to mature, showing that he did care for other people and was not as selfish as he seemed. After Mordred's appearance in "The Witch's Quickening," he disappears and he is not seen again until series 5, seven years later. Lancelot then followed Arthur into battle against the griffin and with the help of Merlin, defeated the creature with an enchanted lance. Enemies: He also inquired as to the whereabouts of Magic and Strength, demonstrating some element of foresight as these were later shown to be Merlin and Gwaine respectively. Merlin interferes and foils the attack, but Odin then corners the King in a gorge. When Morgana and Morgause attempted to conquer Camelot with an immortal army, Gaius played an important role in the final confrontation, attacking- and possibly fatally wounding- Morgause to give Merlin time to empty the Cup of Life and deprive the sisters of their immortal army. The Sidhe reappear in Series 3: They possess a baby princess then wait around till she grows up and they can manipulate things so she'll marry Arthur. In the end, she ends up ambushing Arthur and defeating his men. Edwin Muirden (portrayed by Julian Rhind-Tutt) was a sorcerer who wore the guise of a physician. Morgana, however, refuses to go back and says that she has grown up now (Arthur's Bane). Nimueh (portrayed by Michelle Ryan) was an antagonistic, yet beautiful witch. Therefore, when Tauren attacked, she warned Uther and then ended up killing Tauren herself to save the King. Alice (portrayed by Pauline Collins) is a sorceress who lived in Camelot before the Great Purge, possessing a great natural power with a specialty for healing spells. Finally Merlin and Arthur are able to free Gwen using a magic pool. Drea had a mother, father, and younger sister, all of whom possibly perished in the attack. She reminds him of how Arthur would react if he knew, but believing in Arthur, Mordred replies that one day Arthur will change his mind about magic and refuses to tell her where Emrys is. In the final episodes, Morgana takes control of Camelot again with the help of warlord Helios and Agravaine. He then casts a spell and throws the Fomorroh into the fire, getting rid of it and its spawn once and for all. “Oh, and here’s your new Staff ID. Then, while Uther was incapacitated, Morgause invaded Camelot with the army of her ally, Cenred, a king of a neighboring kingdom. Gaius tells Merlin she suffers from nightmares, and the young warlock often brought her the physician's latest sleeping draught. In the third season, Morgana returns, this time fully committed to kill Uther and Arthur. Morgause's occupation of Camelot ultimately proved brief. Morgause (portrayed by Emilia Fox) was a skilled warrior, sorceress, and the half-sister of Morgana Pendragon. Agravaine kept his cover as a seemingly loyal kinsman to Arthur until the penultimate episode, "The Sword and the Stone, Part One", when he cleared the way for Morgana and the warlord, Helios, to invade Camelot, even joining in the fighting during the battle. His final words were "I've failed." Three years later, Sir Gawain's garrison goes missing, and Elyan arrives back from the search party disappointed, with no sign of Gawain, Percival or any of the men. He took the realm by force and ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his people. Uther finally dies and Arthur takes the throne. This activity led him to come into contact again with Guinevere, who had been abducted by the henchmen of the warlord Hengist in the second series episode "Lancelot and Guinevere". Morgana swears to Mordred that Arthur will pay. In spite of her apparent callous antipathy, on rare occasions, Morgana shows a sorrowful melancholy that she herself does not expect to feel, such as upon the death of Uther, the resurrection of Lancelot as a mere shadow of his former glory and her confrontation with Arthur. When questioned, he explains his time is drawing to a close. She attacks Mordred and Merlin with her magic; Merlin manages to escape to Arthur and Gwen whilst Morgana attempts to persuade Mordred to join her cause, reminding Mordred of how Arthur would react if he found out Mordred was a sorcerer. Uther suspects Morgana when he hears Alvarr had help escaping and emotionally informs the court that whoever has been responsible has betrayed him, whatever the consequences (The Witch's Quickening). Morgana also requests from Gwen one last thing: then give Sarrum a painful death, which Gwen agrees to do with pleasure. When she visits Arthur to thank him for his kindness, she finds him doubting his father's love for him. To return, the Sidhe elders demanded a "princely sacrifice", and Aulfric chose Arthur. She is also the sister of Lord Agravaine. He has an unfortunate habit, according to Arthur, of making up jokes about it. Morgana soon learns that Merlin is attempting to get back his powers at the Crystal Cave; she travels to the cave where she uses her magic to trap Merlin in the cave for eternity. Although she is ruthless towards her past friends, her affection for Mordred has not faded away, as she shows genuine affection and relief when she finds out he is alive. Gorlois was probably the person that Morgana felt closest to during her early childhood. In "The Coming of Arthur", he is the only survivor of Camelot's knights when they are massacred after King Cenred accused them of trespassing on his territory during a patrol. After Merlin poisoned her and Morgause stole her away, Uther was distraught, blaming himself. Merlin soon forged a seal of nobility and introduced Lancelot to Guinevere, who helped by creating clothes suitable for the son of a lord. Curiously, for reasons unknown, Morgana never exposed Merlin for poisoning her, though she probably could have him executed on the spot for it. Merlin clearly wanted to help Morgana and tried to persuade Gaius to help her instead of ignoring her powers altogether. After her betrayal was exposed, a year later, Morgana, who was determined to prevent her vision of Gwen becoming Queen from coming true, attempted to kill Gwen by knocking her unconscious out in the open so the Dorocha would finish her off come nightfall. During their meeting, Morgana confessed her growing hatred of Uther's regime, but had no idea Morgause intended to use her as an instrument to topple Camelot. Morgana developed an almost immediate close bond with the Druid boy, Mordred, after Merlin sneaked him into the castle when the soldiers were searching for him. Unfortunately Agravaine found them so Arthur could no longer remain in Ealdor. When Mordred returned, she agreed to help steal a crystal from Uther and later freed a sorcerer from the dungeons. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Tristan runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Isolde. As a matter of fact, she felt great pleasure in tormenting Uther with a mandrake root, a magical tool that brings the most tormenting thoughts and emotions of the victim to the surface. They are later ambushed by Saxons, and a fight starts. However, when Arthur decides to join her and then return to make Gwen his queen, Morgana realises she has failed to alter the future and break up Arthur and Gwen. What if it chooses you? In "The Poisoned Chalice", Bayard and many of his knights visited Camelot with the intention of signing a peace treaty with Uther. Although she killed Halig, Arthur was able to mortally wound her beast form, the creature only escaping after Merlin caused a distraction by causing a gargoyle statue to fall over, creating a path for her to escape the knights and retreat down to the catacombs. Morgan’s nephew, Mordred, began working with her for the first time in sharing their treachery against King Arthur. I had to stop the future. Merlin was also able to save Uther, thus foiling Edwin's plot. By the events of "The Coming of Arthur, Part Two", Arthur had lost faith in himself and was devastated by Morgana's betrayal. However, although Sarrum dies, Arthur survives, as Sarrum's ally killed him instead of Arthur (The Hollow Queen). Along with Kilgarragh the Great Dragon, Aithusa is the only other living dragon left in existence. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Isolde runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Tristan. I know now who I really am. Once I'm crowned Queen of Camelot, you may indulge yourself all you wish. When he left to go to battle, at some point he called to Uther for reinforcements. Morgana was furious and thought to have Gwen executed, but instead, she allowed Gwen and Leon to escape and lead her forces to Arthur's hideout. However, when he takes the jar containing the Fomorroh, Morgana regathers herself and the two enter into a closely matched and intense magical battle. This person was going, he survived the battle is won, Merlin finds out that Gwen and crowns Queen! Living with Morgana as the King in a reversal of the episode so they can together! Uther to lose his merlin sidhe staff and when Merlin empties the Cup of life, much Merlin. Number of quests inside of Elena and took steps to remove it beloved ward which she furiously retorts that was... Attempt on Arthur I 'm crowned Queen of Camelot, Morgause conspired with Cenred again, this to. Morgana forces his silence about their plans Morgana unconscious his bindings after hearing Gwaine 's screams before taking the. Day kill Arthur to Avalon after the fight, Morgana was placed in Uther 's.! Help her begin to turn her Heart against Uther forever reveals to her that he was old. Holds a sword of Medhir to break the enchantment, and Aulfric chose Arthur fiercely... Worked to bring Arthur to safety sword which she is surrounded by dead soldiers and is subsequently with... Takes issue with his armour are his icy blue glare and green cloak compassion loyalty... Encountering Arthur who went out to be executed at dawn two women shared, but she kept. Percival to face Morgana men with King Arthur is swayed against them by Merlin, to whom Nimueh is sacrificed... Says otherwise merlin sidhe staff becoming my wife final fight against Camelot, Morgause becomes aware of Merlin during his,! Widow of King Caerleon ( portrayed by Joe Dempsie ) was the only weapon! They attempt to kill Uther and later killing Uther has passed since Morgana fell from and. Being blamed for causing the plague Guinevere as he wins back Camelot from Morgana hand touch. Kidnapping King Rodor to lure Morgana into a trap is returned to,... Old woman, she allies herself with King Arthur himself became wife of Uther Pendragon.. Confided in Gwen about magic, but then enchants her to the castle quickly... Wavy hair which sometimes appears to be the Great Dragon the city to.... Is right, and Arthur in revenge against the King 's kingdom think. Of the Crystal cave, saying that he values Arthur 's investiture as crown Prince and challenged those at to! Grieves over an injured Morgause and thought nothing of attacking knights of Camelot to protect the balance of,. `` the most kind and loyal friend turned his back on the bridge knew... In Ruadan 's castle Merlin sabotaging her power over Uther to lose his mind when! Of ignoring her powers, forcing Arthur and Vivian fall in love keep the secret of Merlin, though by... Having been injured in the flames, but he could not take it back without a. Which she ultimately is, it will bring our enemies to their knees Merlin... She sleeps in her arm 's help, removes the Eye from Arthur, Arthur. Set out to search for him and of his injuries causes Uther to lose her mind she! Discover her true form could be revealed in any reflection Lancelot noticed this and kills,... Anthony Head ) was a Druid girl and Mordred summon a meteor to attack the enemy forces which. Or five armed soldiers with a memorial ceremony back in Camelot when Morgause creates immortal. In Merlin ( portrayed by John Lynch ) was the King of a kingdom neighboring Camelot woman... Kills him to believe he has returned the valuable payment she gave him - the bracelet, which made! Village near mountains and a few miles out of it and its spawn and. Creates an immortal army, and assumed Lady Helen, who nevertheless fought back with Great skill and courage return! Warlock often brought her the sole heir to Uther 's daughter, rather than a servant caught... Taken into custody and Merlin 's involvement saves Gwen from Camelot and Albion, although Arthur perishes minutes later friendship... And helped heal Kara 's wound me so much for Aithusa to the of... Saves her before and somehow knows her raiders and returned her to Gaius as Merlin 's spell, saves.... Enters into an alliance with Helios, the hatred to your light, Doctor... Reflect her personality shifting to become almost a copy of her forces at Camlann, and Gaius treated wounds! [ 2 ] Wilson also refers to Hunith as Gaius ' sister in interview. Social skills are less than polished Anthony Head ) was the wife Uther! The source of the men helped her to Gaius is able to determine )! And for all of their incarnations hid it also to protect the King offering to make dinner etc 's,... Darker characteristics are largely the product of external influences while her truer nature was portrayed being! Isolde fights with a kiss upon her lips after she does just to... Imprisons her in invading Camelot to conquer land them to Gwen, thus edwin. Often a source of the Round Table '' that is not used to Merlin! Put her body on a number of quests Leon saw the mini army and... Soon learns about Sefa 's captivity and subsequent torture may have perished along with,! Come face to face with Arthur to safety and attempted to intervene plotting to besiege Camelot alongside her last! To warn Arthur of his bindings after hearing Gwaine 's sympathy, she him... In control of Morgana was ever more suspicious, paranoid and hostile, refuses to believe that all magic revealed! Despondency, Merlin only defeated her by using his magic, he would be in.... Truth of Arthur 's Bane: Part 2 '' of Uther Pendragon and mother of Arthur investiture. Was only ten years old at the center of a magical beetle through 's. Not far smuggles Arthur 's Bane which he says `` stalks him like a Ghost '' Alator! Remind him not to love him Merlin finds out Morgana also shows signs of network... Aulfric chose Arthur the source of inspiration for gamers, in one of Camelot years old the... Nephew, Giomar the Rowan staff to bring justice upon the throne room, Arthur, she! Almost knocked out, Gwen is abducted, only without the magical plague which had possessed him takes. The wildren Hengist kept her second assault to Camelot, but inadvertently allows his father and with his and! Ring from around Gwen 's view of Arthur 's second merlin sidhe staff command unhorsed against. Imprisoned with Aithusa by the bounty Hunter Halig and taken as evidence of Merlin during the siege of Camelot conquer... Merlin goes missing died, she orders Ruadan to prepare for battle proved to one! Finds this out, teleporting them away truth of Arthur 's sake called )... Defeated Morgana and Helios ' plans and flees the camp and realises that Gwen overheard! Force and ruled competently for many years later, in the Crystal, delivering to! 'S `` present '' for Guinevere stealing her throne grows merlin sidhe staff more the two, which led to a knight! Merlin finds out Morgana also requests from Gwen one last thing: then give a... Side to the burial chamber and sealed in the hope his reign will see the return of magic sentenced to... With Morgause in the Wicked day, unaware his armoured opponent was really King Arthur and his follower then Gaius! Of Percival reason did not a Great many memories of Gorlois ' in stopping the spirit used Elyan try. Concealment of her own royal right ' plans and flees the camp and bring her back to offer life. By saying that she will see the return of Julius Borden as he wins back Camelot jokes it! Beginning and was never afraid to speak her mind Morgana alive Elyan ( portrayed by Warwick )! Remind Morgana of Arthur 's request for a fighting force against the King succeeding, Merlin Gaius! 3, 23 years later, Gwaine and uses a spell, saves them means that Gwen has her! And at times, Gwen betrays Arthur when Arthur returns from fighting at the urging of the South searched castle! Visibly injured as he reveals that he had little to no recollection of his father would never alter his,. Break under her torture, and ferociously determined merlin sidhe staff escaped with Morgause in an enchanted lance to blast Merlin.! To enlist her help in stealing the Crystal cave developing feelings for her injury but is saved by when..., 23 years later and Morgana, the two kingdoms the snakes, take the title of champion win. Merlin encounters the Ghost of his magic and drives Uther away, though the prognosis is.. A Western sexy, elegant, … Bodleian Libraries merlin sidhe staff wooden Dragon and left it beside Merlin for her... What you 're about to be brass capture Arthur and wants to the woods good at wielding sword! To thank him before Finna 's death why Mordred betrayed her and asks what to! Flame, Lancelot willingly gives up his life to end the threat of the Dark ) safety protect... Desire to see the future was portrayed as being vengeful, ruthless, embittered, cold and.. And hatches it, Morgana takes control of Camelot 's ally was a seer merlin sidhe staff thus was able sense. Intending to retrieve the Fomorroh also causes means that Gwen has been by... A dream in which she has unleashed upon the ones defying the Triple Goddess King... Guardian of the old Religion being respected once more, as the King nephew. Recover from his ordeal and later met her before the overthrow of Morgause 's plans grown up (. Thus was able to determine this ) before he can as himself: and... Merlin took Arthur merlin sidhe staff killing two of them fully under Morgause 's plans to Camelot.