The SMR-1150 is a national rule, 4.4 lbs/gallon VOC product. This also makes proper cleanup a necessity, as tools such as the spray gun that apply the urethane will become clogged and useless if the urethane dries inside. Acrylic enamel paints are very popular choice of paint in the automotive industry. Shared Details. After it dries, sand lightly. Last. Speedokote Clear Coat 2K Acrylic Urethane, SMR-1150/1102-Q 4:1 Gallon Clearcoat Medium Kit. True Finish Urethane Clearcoat is a two component, universal urethane clearcoat designed for spot, panel and overall refinish jobs. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 33 Posts. It looks really good I think, considering it come from a rattlecan. A polyurethane coating (or urethane floor coating), is a highly flexible, highly abrasion-resistant floor coating that is known for its shine and longevity. With two activators to choose from it offers versatility in most shop conditions and temperatures. from Highland Village, Texas (Dallas area) I have been told that there is no need to apply clear coat over a single stage acrylic urethane paint. $15.00 shipping . Filters. If your dried clear coat is dull, try polishing. Wait a day or so to let the clear coat harden if the finishing is new. A protective top coat on your paints can keep off dust and other dirt or marks that could build up over time and discolor the painting. MSDS. Bathtubs come with a tough protective finish designed to withstand years of use, but even the most durable tubs can suffer chips and dings over time. Water-Based Helmsman Spar Urethane: Glossy finish that won’t amber over time; Why ‘protect’ your acrylic paintings? It provides excellent gloss and ap... SELECTCLEAR™ 476-00™ CLEARCOAT. acrylic urethane clear coat. dupont acrylic urethane base coat clear coat. Technology: Urethane . VOC lbs./gal. It is our “Best” quality finish and provides superior gloss and durability in a easy to apply two stage package. Urethane bonds to the surface it is sprayed on, and is a durable type of paint material. After five-minute purge, bake for 40 minutes at Mixing Urethane Paint- Color and Clear Coat Posted: February 19, 2015 By: MattM Mixing Urethane Colors and Clear. A 2.1 lb. Sort by. Cleaning. Contrary to standard aerosol paint technology, Spray Max uses an innovative nozzle technology in combination with a new propellant technology. Save 5% at checkout. 604 Acrylic Urethane is a high performance, two pack acrylic urethane coating developed in Australia for Australian conditions and has superior resistance to U.V. : Technology: Urethane. It is fast-drying, easy to use and provides a durable finish with excellent gloss. Clear Base - 5 gal. Automotive High Gloss Clear Coat 2K MCC HS Clear 5500 2:1 Gallon Clear Coat Medium Kit. While they share the same methods of applications and ultimate end item uses, there are some differences that should be addressed prior to deciding what conformal coating is the best for your project. The reason to bring this up is that some would argue that acrylic polyurethane (polyurethane built from acrylic polyol) is a superior product but this is not universally the case as some acrylic polyols have horrible durability performance. They were also used on WWII aircraft on a limited scale. Rainguard International CU- 0101 Seal Acrylic Urethane Coating High Gloss 1 gal (Ready to Use), Clear: Industrial & Scientific Member. VOCs: 275 grams per liter. Clear coat is a substance made of polyester or acrylic that is sprayed on to cars after they have been painted to make the paint shiny and to harden it. 00. A high-solids urethane clearcoat designed for panel, multi-panel and overall repairs. 020066118396. $119.00 $ 119. Acrylic Urethane Basecoat + 5-Star Clearcoat (best) Paintforcars “Starfire” Urethane Basecoat is a superior quality base coat clear coat, two-stage refinishing system designed to meet or exceed OEM quality finishes. But I'm concerned that I'll have to be real careful with fueling - that I don't drip. An airless or HVLP sprayer is commonly used to paint things such as furniture or vehicles that require a clear finish coat like urethane. - Medium Dry and Cure - High Gloss and DOI This 2k urethane Clear Coat spray has a much higher U.V. 020066118358. Surface of film must be abraded to ensure sufficient adhesion prior to application of more Acrylic Urethane color or Urethane Clear Coat after this period has expired. We doesn't provide acrylic urethane clear coat products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. It also protects against physical abrasion and spills. K ... now he tells me with base coat clear coat you can get away with using the cheaper paint from dupont and go with the better clear and that would be okay. Use care when applying the urethane and when sanding it. Developed in 1937 by I.G. 4.6 out of 5 stars 311. Be sure to follow the label directions for the product you are using. Although it is difficult to replicate authentic factory paint nowadays, and neither acrylic nor urethane paint offers that option, many car restorers argue that urethane provides a nicer-looking finish. UC35 may be used to topcoat any urethane enamel finish, including all Shimrin® Base Coats. All acrylic urethane clear coat wholesalers & acrylic urethane clear coat manufacturers come from members. A lot of questions are about welding and technique, and a lot of questions concern paint and applying it. This will smooth out the surface and allow for a super shine finish. ———- : Please refer to VOC Compliance Charts. NUMBER OF COATS: 3. Our tech hotline answers lots of calls every day about everything we sell, and how best to use it. 1; 2; Next. APPLY WITH: synthetic-filament brush or a can of aerosol spray. Premium high-solids acrylic urethane clear is designed for professional refinish, restoration, and custom paint shops that require superior performance from their clearcoat. It can be used with all solvent and water based basecoats. Kwik Gloss Clearcoat is an acrylic urethane clearcoat that meets all current and proposed VOC regulations. Acrylic urethane paints are a mixture as they contain the color, a reducing element to make it the right consistency for the spray gun and a catalyst that makes it dry fast. Although it can be low baked, its extremely fast curing properties allow it to air dry satisfactorily at normal ambient temperatures. It is National Rule compliant. 1 of 2 Go to page. MSDS. 4.6 out of 5 stars 27. We are happy to answer those, and any other automotive related topics. FREE Shipping. SMR-1150 is a 2K acrylic urethane clear with UV and chemical resistance. Most projects will be ready for normal use in 24 hours. Go. Joined: Oct 24, 2005 Posts: 2,308. Urethane paints are extremely durable, and resist chipping—when properly maintained, a coat of urethane paint will outlast most acrylic paints. UC35 Kosmic Acrylic Urethane Klear is a 3.5 VOC for national rule or 0.50 VOC SCAQMD Rule 1151 compliant version. Although it is difficult to replicate authentic factory paint nowadays, and neither acrylic nor urethane paint offers that option, many car restorers argue that urethane provides a nicer-looking finish. I find this works about 70% of the time when the clear coat isn't looking glossy when dry. Farbin, these materials were used to create gum rubbers, rigid foam, and elastomers. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. Urethane clear must be sanded before more material is applied in order for the new coats to stick. For added durability, a third coat can be applied. Summit Racing Equipment’s Acrylic Urethane colors may also be forced dry. I am using Sherman Williams DIMENSION ACRYLIC URETHANE in … up to 3-4H of hardness to the typical automotive clear coat paint. and weather resistance than any standard aerosol clearcoat on the market today. Acrylic urethane paint has an 18-hour recoat window. If the clear is really rough, polishing probably isn't going to be enough. HOURS BETWEEN COATS: 2. The nice thing about polishing is that it's a "soft" approach to correcting dull clear. It would also protect it from splashes and create a water-resistant finish. Don’t over-sand. I painted my tank and fenders when I was home last month using a rattlecan 'Duplicolor' acrylic lacquer. Others have also used the term “poly-urethane” to describe polyurethanes built from polyester polyols. Nason® SelectClear™ 465-00™ High Solids Urethane Clear. Hot Rods clear coat over acrylic urethane. (Distinctness Of Image). Not as durable as oil-based polys. VOC lbs./gal. Then I wet-sanded and buffed it out. 3 base coats of BLACK and 4 coats of clear. Contact us for more information. These paints have fast drying times so be sure to mix the correct reducers & activators. Once the pain is mixed it needs to be used immediately. Blended with acrylic resins, it goes on milky but quickly dries crystal clear. At this point, if you see "orange peel" or "trash" on the surface, wet sand with 1000 or 1200 grit wet or dry automotive grade sandpaper. Urethane paints are extremely durable, and resist chipping—when properly maintained, a coat of urethane paint will outlast most acrylic paints. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Beep, Jul 17, 2017. degradation. Meaning, you can polish it a lot and still have a very low risk of causing damage. Our top product is a fast dry and cures clear coat with an acrylic-urethane composition. English; Español; Français; 206879. UC35 is medium solids, 30% solids as applied, and has the same application properties of conventional clear coats. UC35 features excellent gloss and D.O.I. Activator - .11 gal. Starfire Urethane Clear Coat – 2657 is a medium solids clearcoat that is easy to spray providing excellent flow out, gloss, and DOI. Not for sale in 2.1 lbs/gallon VOC areas. Beep. APPLICATION . This product creates a hard glossy film that is more UV resistant, stain resistant, and hot tire resistant than that of Clear-Seal™ acrylic urethane. CLEAR-SEAL ™, a water-based, low-VOC, low-odor coating protects masonry against chemical spills, staining agents, UV light, and wear due to heavy foot traffic. Acrylic and urethane conformal coating are widely used conformal coatings. SELECTCLEAR™ 476-00™ CLEARCOAT. 00. This sale is for one gallon of clear coat and one quart of medium speed activator (use in 65 - 80 degrees F). Most clear finishes are applied with a brush, working in the direction of the grain of the wood. Minwax® Wipe-on Poly. Profile Page. Details . Clear Seal™ 100% Urethane Single-Part is a single-part urethane coating that creates a protective film for painted and unpainted surfaces. Acrylic Urethane Bathtub Refinishing. $59.00 $ 59. But, if you need to touch up any areas or do more artwork with basecoat after the urethane clear is sprayed, the solvent-heavy basecoat might eat into and wrinkle any thin areas of the urethane. The gloss and durability of the paint increases if you mix the acrylic paint with acrylic enamel urethane hardeners. It is suitable for all automotive refinishing as well as trucks and equipment. Then remove all the sanding dust and apply a second coat. Clear-Seal ™ Acrylic Urethane Sealer Concentrate is a single-component, self-cross-linking sealer and finish coat for decorative concrete, stone, and other masonry surfaces. UC21 Universal Acrylic Urethane Klear Details Universal Acrylic Urethane Klear is a coast-2-coast compliant clear, designed to provide optimum flow and leveling in an easy 2:1 mix. You also will need to do plenty of finish work as most need a clear topcoat. Automotive Paint & Supplies,acrylic enamel, urethane single stage, urethane base coat,basecoat, automotive lacquer paint,restoration car paint,dupont chroma base,chromax, axalta automotive paint,centari auto paint,matrix automotive paint,sherwin williams automotive paint, dimension auto paint,ultra base coat,auto paint,